I attended my first wedding when I was 5.

My parents were both musicians. My mom was the organist and dad the vocal soloist at the Bethany Lutheran Church on Bainbridge Island.  They played weddings, and sometimes, funerals. Mom didn’t take me to funerals—but I always got to go to the weddings. 

I loved them. The music, flowers, wedding gown, cake—the profound joy of the celebration.

After a 30-year career helping couples plan their receptions professionally, I fulfilled a lifelong desire to start performing actual ceremonies.

When I meet with a bride and groom—or groom and groom, bride and bride—I like to think of it as a first dance. Because it is a dance.

Our first connection.

Will we like each other? Will we begin a bond that takes us down the aisle for some of the most important moments of your new life together?

It is a very intimate 3-way venture that can be happy, emotional and even funny depending on the vows.

On the day of your wedding you will be the two most important people in my life.

*a word from Leslie's daughter, Hilary:

Don't let Leslie fool you. She's an incredible musician, too. If you asked her to come down the aisle playing Amazing Grace on the bagpipes, she could literally execute the task. Drums, ukulele, banjo—you name it, she plays it. Not saying you'd want that, but Leslie loves it when you do. She's fun. And funny. Pretty cute, too.